Reiki 1 with Soulshine Jess, Saturday February 24th from 10am-4pm

Goddess I AM

$ 222.00
In Reiki 1, you will learn the history of Usui Reiki, the layers of your energy body, aura, your Chakras and how they are formed and learn their connection to your health and well being. 

You will learn the hand placements for self healing and how to balance your chakras. 

You will receive a certificate with your Reiki Master Lineage traced directly back to Mikao Usui. 

This class is fantastic if you are an empath, into holistic health, interested in tchakras, want to learn mediation or breathwork, or even of you are curious about how you can tap into higher self for healing. 
Jess has been a Holistic Health educator since 1998. She is a certified health coach, Licensed Massage Therapist & Instructor, Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Chakra & Crystal Healer and Multidimensional Rose Priestess. As a Wayshower and an Emissary of love, Jess is devoted to assisting others on their path to wellness and healing the Divine feminine energy so that woman may be healthy, whole and empowered.