How to Turn Inward During Changing Frequencies

Beth Brown-Rinella

Beautiful Souls...
As our frequencies are changing, vibrating at a new, finer rate, we are actually feeling how unsettling drama, gossip, news, duality and victim mentality has become.  We are barraged with ideas, images and political posturing that feels so out of touch with where we are.  3D living now is our past and learning to navigate 4D is our present.
This is an important time to collect your thoughts, quietly tune inward and begin to explore what you wish for your life going forward.  We have major astrological episodes happening currently and more to come in the next 2 months. Never before has it been more important to make time to catalog your life and make appropriate changes.
Create 3 Lists:
Keep It--feels great and I love it!
Work On--has potential with my renewed attention
Leave It--It isn't working for me at all!
In the "Keep It" list write down all areas, activities, beliefs etc... That offer you joy, support, positive affirmation, kindness, peace, and just makes you feel good!
In the "Work On" list put areas of your life that with a bit, or a lot of effort can be moved to the "keep it" list. Gym membership, meditation, walking daily, learning about nutritional eating, learning a new skill, buying equipment to expand your health/well being(i.e.paddle board), find like-minded friends, be part of a Tribe. Build healthy relationships and encourage your friends to hire a trainer or take a class together. See what is almost working for you and put the time in to see if it is worth pursuing.
In the "Leave It" list you can include fake friends, narcissists, users, drama queens, victims--basically anyone who takes up your time to have you validate their existence. Bad eating habits (we know too much not to do this! Plus it shows an area of misalignment in your beliefs), unhealthy relationships, a house you don't like, or even a city you don't like, an unsatisfying job or industry, etc...Leave all parts of your life that bring anxiety, tension, fear and make you feel small.
As you move your focus onto the creating of a life you LOVE living--remember that your best guidance lies INWARD.  Take time to get to know the difference between a yes and a no from your inner guidance. Learn to discern positive from negative and stay true to your heart. Always. Trusting is hard, but when you listen to your heart, it becomes easier.
If you need a bit more help here are questions to help direct you:
*What do you look forward to?
*What do you dread?
*What do you make excuses for? Who do you make excuses for?
*What is holding your attention?
*What activities are you bored of?
*What is exciting?
*What do you question?
*Who is no longer on the same wavelength as you? Do you have someone who enjoys doing what you find fun?
*Are you still engaged in your job? Is it an industry that aligns with your beliefs? Does it bring rewards beyond financial?
* Do you feel a renewed connection to your body? Have you decided to lose weight, get fit or do more to enhance your health?        
Answer these questions thoughtfully and in truth--you may be surprised at where you are now.  The last few years have been tough and emotional but you have done the good work and these shifts are the reward.
While not all is roses, the more you define your new boundaries and open to new interests, you will find a new level of Peace within you. 
We are here to support you as always,

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