Now is the Time

Now is the time to embrace the energies of LOVE & TRUTH so you can be scrubbed clean and ready for whatever is next.  

As the binds to 3D living are being stretched, then broken, you will find that in the stretching, old and often ugly energies, emotions and memories arise.  This can be painful to look at, so hold this truth:

My past helped to shape me, my experiences have taught me & my emotions anchored me.

Now Beloveds, it is time to ALLOW all of these pieces of you, to be scattered to the winds and freed.  And in doing this, you free you. Acknowledge & Let Go. You are complete. You are One, whole & magnificent.  Look how far you've come. 

By letting go, you open to forward movement, 4D->then 5D living. Be aware and see how amazing you feel when you allow yourself to let go. Be free. Be brave enough to move away from old, harmful energies that bind you to heavy emotions that trigger rage, anger, despair, shame, guilt ... 

When you notice your emotions being triggered--go into witness mode. Observe what is happening, what was said, who did the action etc...that instigated the feelings rising up. You are your own detective and healer all at once. Breathe and let it go with the reminder that it isn't about you. Their words, actions and behavior only reflects them. It may be against you in some way, but it a measure of how they are feeling. Be at peace knowing that you have the power to let it go and be free.

Breathe deeply 3 times. Forgive them with love. Imagine the energies lifting off of you and up into the sky, freeing you once and for all time. Take 3 deep breaths. Open your heart to being filled with Love and Light, as you become filled, see it expand beyond the boundaries of your physical body and into your energy field until it too is shimmering with Love and Light. Breathe deeply 3 times. 

You are Complete. 

Namaste Beloved Souls,