New Shifts, New Life

Hello Beloved Souls,

With so much within us shifting and changing, sometimes it feels like we are walking blind in the desert. Its hard to discern from the old and the new, the fear-based thinking vs. the fearless thinking, and how to sort it all out. Since mid-2018 we have been on a speeding train of transformation. It has been too fast at times to integrate all that has shifted and become acquainted with it--only to experience more shifting! It’s so hard to keep up without wanting to go to bed and pull the covers over your head!


I wanted to chat with you about the things I do to recalibrate and integrate while still leading a full life. Every day I journal. I get up, feed my animals and grab a cup of java. I put on meditative music, light a candle or two and burn incense. At this point, I sit down with my journal and favorite pen. I offer thanks. Mostly I channel information, sometimes Im asking questions and getting answers. I see this morning routine as my quiet mind time. My house is still and all are sleeping, except the pets who are doing their thing. Sometimes I go out and look at the stars, the moon and mostly the depth of the sky. My mind is settled, yet often questioningI dont think of my days activities until this morning meditative time is over.


Life has us on fast forward right now. This is due partly to us being behind on our timeline, we were supposed to be freer of our junk before now and moving into a more aware state of being. Its happening, just at warp speed. Continue to let go of the old, limiting beliefs and understandings that keep you playing small. Be bolder. Be willing to ask for what you want. Be ready to receive what you are asking for! We are powerful creators and our abilities are going up a notch. So dont be surprised when synchronicity and miraculous timing seems to become more apparent and happening more often. Smile, acknowledge it and give thanks. This is part of the new reality weve moved into. Thank you 2018 for knocking that crap out of us so we can embrace this amazing upgrade!


Begin to see yourself with new eyes, a new you, an empowered you. Delve within yourself to find what you have been denied, and say yes. Book that trip, take the class, plant the tree, repaint your bedroom, follow your heart in all ways. Disengage from any and all negatives. Negative people, negative jobs, negative partners and friends, negative situationsdecide how to gently remove yourself. Remember, you cant change others, only yourself. Years of precious lives has been wasted as she waits for him to change, to discover he loves her, to become neater, to stop his bad habits etcChange is internal. We can guide and support one another, but in the end, only if change is desired from within will we make the commitment to make it happen. It is a fool’s errand to expect. Either you are moving forward together, or not. If your relationship is stalled, you speak your truth, your hopes and your partner agrees to work on the solutions, then there is hope. If you speak your truth and are denied or put off, then make a plan to either try a new tact or to move on alone. You arent here to just waste time and wait for everyone around you to get their shit together. It may be your role to do the work on yourself, get super woke and move forward bravely and possibly alone. This may trigger those around you to also do the work and wake up too, inspired by your new-found happiness, strength and power!


Now that you are aware of the shifts, and can push away the chatter and noise of the world, call in your inner guidance to move yourself into peace. Follow the dictates of your heart, listen for the soft, gentle whispers that make you say, ah, yes. Keep to the positive, make choices that are good for you, choices that say Love. Remember to give more of your time to the dictates of your good choices and less time to the things that hold you back, keep you small and limited. This is a practice. It will be mindful retraining of how to operate in a world that seems to be the same, while you are vastly changed. New navigations for holidays, activities, vacations and work will be needed to avoid the emotional traps caused by the unawakened who without realization still hurt you. Since you cannot change them, you will find it helpful to change how you interact with them or not. The more you stay mindful and create a peaceful environment for yourself, the easier it will be to learn about the New YOU.

All is possible and shall be done!