Thug Spirituality

A friend of mine called and was telling me about a couple who were offering 10 classes online in some form of Spiritual teaching for the one-time-only price of $4999. While that is not out of bounds pricing, what got to me was that after watching their promo video (which you couldn't watch until you gave a bit of personal info) a woman called and spent an hour and a half schmoozing her. This woman asked pointed questions about what teachers my friend follows, the Spiritual books she loves, her hopes/dreams etc...the kicker is she was cooing over how in tune my friend is, how perfectly she would fit in with the teachings, how ready she seems to step forward and after the classes, charge $300 per session!  Run, just hang up and run! 
This, my friends, is MANIPULATION! I call this "Thug Spirituality." Even after my friend explained she was merely curious and doesn't have money to invest in their classes--the woman persisted. She played to my friend's hopes and needs to make more money. She complimented her repeatedly. This type of salesmanship is as old as time. There is NO PLACE in the Spiritual world for this--ever! To see it put to practice in Spirituality really upsets me. 
I truly believe that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. The timing will be right, the price agreeable, the heart will leap with joy and without a word from the teacher, the student signs up. I would NEVER coerce someone to take classes or have sessions with me. That is not our role. Our role as teachers of Spirituality is to enlighten, to hold the energy, to offer wisdom and to encourage our students. It is never about me or the money I will make. 
Ego is present when money is the main reason for doing the work. I prefer to quiet my ego and allow clients and students to find me, see if they resonate and hopefully begin a relationship for learning. If they don't sign up I truly believe that it wasn't the right timing, the right learning or the right teacher. No worries--I never see this as a loss. If and when they are ready, I will be here. If they seek elsewhere, then they have found resonance with another, and that is perfect. 
There are Spiritual laws we need to adhere to and manipulation, forcing or pushing is NOT part of this! I like to teach ALLOWING and ACCEPTING as part of any class because I feel they are at the top of the list. When you "allow" another to be exactly who they are, and accept them and their choices completely, you are in harmony with LOVE. You may not agree and see things as they do, but when you allow and accept--you are letting them learn their lessons, heal their karmic issues and understand who they are. It is their life to control...just as yours is for you to control. We don't need to have agendas for someone else. We aren't here to push, only suggest. If the suggestion isn't taken, let it go, they made up their mind. Accept it. Allow them to fall off the track or find wonderful success.  We never know which are the stepping stones to our greatest self. Be the supporter, the cheerleader, the shoulder to cry on and the friend to listen. 
So if you find your curiosity has taken you to a place where you feel pushed into something, please walk away. Listen to your heart and uncover YOUR truth, without anyone coercing you into something. You are far greater at knowing yourself than anyone else--Allow your heart to lead and accept it as truth.